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DG NEAR Consultative workshop, Brussels

2016-12-08 – 2016-12-09

Representatives of INFORM (Eric Gordy, Rudi Klanjšek, Vjollca Krasniqi and Klavs Sedlenieks) had a meeting with DGNEAR representatives (Georg Ziegler, Woflgang Nozar, Ritva Heikkinen and David Hudson) to consult about the INFORM activities in the context of EU enlargement.

During the meeting the representatives of INFORM introduced with the research agenda, methodology, theoretical approach, policy engagement, capacity building and dissemination activities.

In the discussion part the participants identified the main challenges in the context of EU enlargement processes in the Balkans such as unresponsive public administration, hurdled by lack of service mentality, lack of evaluation mechanisms and efforts, and mainly, by lack of coordination between different branches. There is also a risk of returning back to the pre-accession practices when certain chapters are closed. This could be partly explained by the fact that certain reform efforts were not communicated well enough. 

Participants of the meeting indicated that DGNEAR is interested in identifying (informal) networks and who is included in them; how to better address the issue of bringing informal in the formal rules; which informal institutions are there, what is the perception of those rules vis-à-vis formal rules; problem of clientelism, state capture, vote buying; how to better communicate the reform efforts (and its potential results).  

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Location: Brussels, Belgium

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