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INFORM researcher participated in a roundtable discussion on EU’s Toolbox in Handling Internal and External Challenges


In recent years, the EU has faced several major challenges. Experts meet in Brussels for a roundtable discussion on what tools the Union has to solve these, and what role it can play in the time to come. Can the EU regain the trust of its citizens as well as those living in conflict areas whose rights it wishes to protect or promote? What role can the EU have in the transformation of its Eastern neighbours into peaceful and prosperous democracies? And what lies ahead for the relationship between the EU and other major powers such as Turkey?

To highlight these crucial questions, the roundtable discussion brought together findings from four, international and interdisciplinary H2020-funded research projects: EUNPACK, EU-STRAT, FEUTURE, and INFORM, which was represented by prof. Eric Gordy.

Location: Brussels, Belgium

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